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Recent work

Some of my more recent projects, some client, some not client, some just for fun.


Personal Illustrations

This set of illustrations is based on me, how people see me, how I see myself. It includes things I like, things I like to do and hopefully at a quick glance two things can be seen. Those who do not know me can make quick inferences and those that do know my know that this is about me instantly.


cook-off event
fundraiser poster

A friend/coworker wanted help with a poster for a fundraiser cook-off. I created icons for stuffed pastries to give a nod to the theme of the cook-off without having to have photos of different pastries.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 1.29.14 PM.png

VIntage Collage

I started playing with masking a cropping together different images, text, and shapes. This is the first of the bunch to get my feet wet in the vintage style of the photo mixed with the modern look of the surrounding shapes.



I have a passion for design. Everywhere I go I see great design and not so great design. Sometime it takes me a little longer to decide on what I want to order because I am gawking over how well the typography looks on a menu. I knew this is what I wanted to do the second I started univeristy, there was no question. 

I do well when I stay busy, but I still take time out of my busy schedule for the things and people I love. My lovely dog Middy, an Australian cattle dog mix with the brightest blue eyes is my joy. And travel is a definite must in my life. I have taken three big trips to Europe past few years.

Balance is how I stay afloat.


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