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This is deck of playing cards features original illustrations embodying true plant queens. Each face card features a different common houseplant accompanied by the scientific name. Holding each plant is one of four plant queens. Each suit has its own queen taking care of their plants.

Each deck comes in a custom screen printed tuck box. Two choice, green and pink.

Ready to ship

Shipping out every Monday
Includes orders placed before 11:59pm PST Saturday

Shipping costs (US only)

Local Pickup - Free

USPS - $5 (per deck)

*Expect delays with shipping, packages are being delayed up to 10 days from estimated delivery date

DM or Etsy Shop to Purchase

Money Raised

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Updated Feb. 15th, 10:32 PST. Donations made  roughly every month on the 1st

Why am I donating to the Loveland Foundation?

In the recent years mental health has been a growing priority in my life and when I was furloughed, one of my biggest fears was that I wasn't going to be able to afford my therapy sessions anymore. I want other to have that access and I believe in when the Loveland Foundation is doing.

DM or Etsy Shop to Purchase


DM or Etsy Shop to Purchase

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