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2016: Gamified Web Design
Fantasy Football
Website Flow
White Tie Fantasy combines the social interaction of traditional fantasy with the daily league business model
White Tie Fantasy wanted to give fantasy football a facelift. I'll be honest when they came to me with this idea I was worried my lack of football knowledge would hold me back but it actually helped me, it forced me to ask more questions, to do more research than I would have normally done to really understand the needs AND understand football. (This helped down the road when I came in second in my company's fantasy league!)

Just to get the flow of the game down I had many working session with the guys to make sure that I understood what was supposed to go where and what should be pressed when, when the colors should change, where you can chat, where you see your cash left. It's probably the most hands on collaboration I've had with a client. 
Once the wireframes were done I created a spec sheet and assets to send to a developer and the game went into beta. 
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